Welcome to The Crazy Actor Blog! I’m happy to have you here, and invite you to join this community! Here are some of the people I think will benefit from and enjoy these posts:

  • Aspiring actors looking for behind the scenes stories, tips on navigating the industry, and to benefit from the wisdom I’ve gathered from over a decade working as a professional actress.
  • Anyone interested in Los Angeles, the people and places, the experience, the madness, the joy.
  • Anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or other mental illness, looking for understanding, resources, support, ideas for coping, and a safe and honest place where can we work together to lift the stigma of these very common issues.
  • Anyone searching for a body positive place, a source of inspiration, a blog that encourages you to love your body (and your mind) just as they are, where we celebrate all types together and fight the idea that one size fits all, whatever society tells us. People who know, or want to feel, that they are so much more than their outer appearance.
  • Anyone who enjoys cheeky writing, funny stories, bracing honesty, or to be generally entertained by my crazy adventures.

After years of working as a performer, and many other roles in the industry, including my years as a professional model, I can tell you I’m ready to speak my mind. I’m tired of the stigma of mental illness, tired of watching people be shamed when unwilling to starve themselves or to make themselves miserable to conform to society’s standards, tired of watching those suffering feel they have to be quiet lest they be judged.

We are all in this together, people, let’s act like it!

Besides, too many ridiculous things happen all the time in this crazy town to NOT write them down and share! Laughter is the best medicine, no? Or is that Xanax….

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Sabrina Carmichael is a professional actress, writer, and general creative type, living and working in Los Angeles. She is married to her wonderful husband Steve, and has three fabulous step-children and a cat, Tigre, that is more high-maintenance than all three kids put together. Sabrina eats a bag of popcorn almost every day, loves the Red Wings, maybe too much, and starts to lose her mind without yoga. Check out her sites for more info: