Inside the Trump Bubble, or, That Time I Met Donald Trump 

I met Donald Trump in person about 8 years ago. Actually, I worked for him. I was hired in Chicago along with many other girls for the “Donald Trump Real Estate and Wealth Expo.” One of those things where people pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to hear pitches from tons of different people trying to sell them more classes, books, programs, etc, with a few cool headliners to round it out.

I worked 3 days directing people, presenting onstage, crowd pumping, etc.

The last speaking slot of the last day belonged to Trump himself. I remember being exhausted, ready to go home. The auditorium was full of attendees, waiting to hear his “words of wisdom” that would turn them into millionaires. They had all of us who were working line up at the stage door where he would enter. They told us to clap and cheer for him upon arrival like we were huge fans. They planted a couple of girls with a copy of his book, with instructions to beg for an autograph. Some were given lines to say. We were no longer working to make sure the people who spent their hard earned money were having a good time, but instead to be sure the guy making the money felt special. I remember thinking how pathetic that made him seem, but whatever.

So we waited. Hours. We sat down and waited after a while, because someone finally got a call that he was playing golf, and hadn’t even boarded the plane yet. We waited longer. The end time of the event passed. We were being paid a day rate, but told we couldn’t leave. Another hour passed. It was insane.

Finally, we got word his private jet had touched down. We lined up as told, and 30 minutes later, erupted into wild applause when he strutted through the door, arrogant as hell. “Don’t worry, it was worth it. I beat X on the golf course today.” No apologies for the wait. We followed our instructions as he walked between the two lines of people put in place. “Can I have your autograph Mr. Trump?” “Please can we pose for a photo?!?” “I’m your biggest fan!”

I wondered what he would tell the restless, no doubt tired audience about his tardiness. I felt disgusted by his attitude. I remember a distinct creeped out feeling by the whole situation.

He walked onto the stage when he was good and ready, and announced to the whole crowd that he was late because he decided to play a round of golf last minute, then repeated the line that it was worth it since he won. I braced myself for anger from the crowd.

Instead, they laughed. They cheered. They clapped and celebrated him. They listened to him ramble on about how very, very rich they were going to be now that they had attended this seminar.

This is how Trump spends his entire life, in a bubble of people paid and confused into celebrating his shitty treatment of people, his arrogance, his ignorance. He is the King of Planet Trump, and no one is around to tell him he’s wrong. He lives in a manufactured world of crap, and the worse he treats people, the more crowds cheer.

Maybe in North Korea….but I just don’t see that person dealing with the realities of being President of the United States very well.

I guess we will find out in 6 days.

Know what? I’ll bet he didn’t even win that game….

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